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Forever chemicals, PFAS, get everywhere!


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Why do we need to talk about Forever Chemicals?

We've reached a pivotal moment in environmental awareness. We know about the climate crisis, we're talking about plastic pollution and we're all too aware of the problems that habitat loss is causing our wildlife. 

But chemicals are complex. We're given very little information about the chemical content of our products, and even if we had that information, what would we do with it?

We rely on trust, we trust industry and policy makers to make decisions that are right for our health and our environment. But in a world of numerous conflicting priorities, we need to ensure that chemical safety isn't brushed under the PFAS-coated carpet, left until tomorrow, or simply ignored. 

PFAS can last for thousands of years in our environment. Every day we wait, their concentrations build around us. So please, help us make chemical pollution a priority, like and share our short video and let's start a PFAS conversion. 




Fidra is an environmental charity working to reduce plastic and chemical pollution in the UK. You can find out more about forever chemicals at Fidra is a Scottish registered charity and SCIO no. SC043895.